Tuesday, July 14, 2009

greater east asia co-prosperity sphere

I used to play music all the time. That's all I did. I wasn't happy unless I was in a band. It got so bad that I had to figure out how to play on my own. So I did, with pedals and amps and all sorts of sounds. That's when I met sean.
He was of the kids who hung out on garden street, in front of linnea's, when michael used to yell at everyone on behalf of the merchants. Bastards.
Sean was a wiz--actually still is one. He won play every cure and new order song on an acoustic guitar. I passed out at as many houses as the times he would show up, tune a shitty guitar the owner of the house never played, and play songs for hours. I would wake up and he'd just have finished disintegration, or some other album.
Getting him to play the theme of LotA was quite a thrill. Getting others to collaborate on the soundtrack was even better
I had moved on in my music not knowing I would play less and less as time went on.

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