Friday, July 17, 2009

the guy who shows up at your party with action figures

I was the guy who showed up at your party with a shoebox full of action figures. You would grab... stuff... and you'd watch as I opened my box and set up my action figures.
Maybe we'd -- you know -- and then i'd ask "have you seen mu action figures?" well, yes you'd day, at the last party. You'd seen me do the dame thing, good versus evil, el pepsi vs. Hessia, and maybe i'd convinced some buy to let me borrow a crappy video camera. With lights off and the smoke from cigarettes you'd help me stage some battle on williamrobertsplace or somewhere else on those americas of the 3001 year era.
So you were part pf it too. You hung out with a guy at a party and played with his action figures.

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