Tuesday, July 7, 2009

arthur c. clarke is dead

New years and a show at the railroad cafe. Playing with the band little wings. Herein excited to show my new poster with the new action figures from part two
I decided to play the second half from Lot, thinking people had collected the part one tapes given foe free in boxes at boo boos and cheap thrills.
But really it was about the action figures and the new idea: part three would be with action figures.
So thanks goodwill, the collection truck idea since raiding barnes and nobles for magazines in the dead of the night. Digging through dumpsters never felt so good. Little did I know it was the prozac sharpening my obsession.
On new years 2001 saw the coming and going of part two. Delusions that the new year would see the death of arthur c. Clarke. Delusions. You,d see nothing yet. But so excited. Even the audience didn't know when to applaud. Maybe they didn't know when the movie was over. I sure didn't.
For me it had just begun.

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