Thursday, November 22, 2012

"To Begin the World Anew" (Excerpt from "Dreaming of Ariadne")

-When are you going to tell me what is going on with the Earth‭?‬-
‬Giuseppe frowned.‭ ‬A morning out with the family,‭ ‬on the way to see the gammar,‭ ‬and Curse,‭ ‬who may or may not have been the refugee of the lowercased-earth, had done nothing but harass and pester Giuseppe about the fate of her planet. Earth.
‬Well,‭ ‬we are not going to have that conversation today,‭ ‬Giuseppe thought.‭
They had traveled from the phalanstaries to the great open-air markets of Piazzi.‭ ‬The ice-covered dome ceiling reflected a thousand images of the double-worldlet that accompanied Patroclus through the Jovian margins.‭ ‬Menoetius.‭ ‬Starbrite illuminated the greens and blues of the meridians.‭ ‬The people laid their wares,‭ ‬their bougie-booboo baubles,‭ ‬out on the sea-grasses and panwood tables.‭ ‬And the rest came easily.‭ ‬Shoppers.‭ ‬Walkers.‭ ‬Singers and dancers.‭ ‬The adults played,‭ ‬the children got down to business.
‬Giuseppe had missed this life,‭ ‬this busy life of daily business,‭ ‬where every transaction was a hassle,‭ ‬and where every exchange was a chance to get personal.‭ ‬But this,‭ ‬this market square of sellers and shoppers,‭ ‬was the face people on his homeworld presented to one another.‭ ‬In your face,‭ ‬about face,‭ ‬kissy face.‭ ‬And he loved it,‭ ‬had missed it,‭ ‬and wanted more of it,‭ ‬if for nothing else,‭ ‬than to remind him of the things he had not missed.‭ ‬But so went love affairs.‭ ‬The good you think you can separate form the bad,‭ ‬until you miss the essence,‭ ‬and you just yearn,‭ ‬really yearn,‭ ‬for reunion.
‬He watched Curse take in this bazaar of runaway commercialism.‭ ‬Her dark eyes darted.‭ ‬The corners of her mouth drew tight.‭ ‬She smiled,‭ ‬then laughed.‭ ‬Then shouted out.
‬-To begin the world anew.‭ ‬That is what you have done here.‭ ‬So remote,‭ ‬so provincial,‭ ‬and so derivative.‭ ‬Yet so creative‭!‬ Yours are a people who have shaken their minds from habit and tradition.‭ ‬You have found new approached to the old.‭ ‬You are not bound…to anything.‭ ‬You challenge‭! ‬I bet your government is even‭ ‬revolutionary‭…‬.-
‬-It is like watching a car wreck,‭ Curse‬.-
‬-And your politics‭?‬-
‬-Like this,‭ ‬just more screaming.-
‬-No,‭ ‬look at this like I am…see those two ladies fighting over that bird thing‭?‬-
‬-That is a‭ ‬chicklin.-
‬-Weird…anyways,‭ ‬they don’t belong to any establishment.‭ ‬They are outside it‭!‬-
‬-No,‭ ‬you are wrong.‭ ‬This is just like anywhere else.‭ ‬The people just reproduce new establishments.-
‬-Wrong.‭ ‬You are saying that colonizers are merely transplants.-
‬-Somewhat.‭ ‬My people were no dummies.‭ ‬They brought what worked for them in the old world,‭ ‬and refashioned it for the new.-
‬-Exactly.‭ ‬Refashioned.‭ ‬I am not arguing that these people,‭ ‬your people,‭ ‬are uprooted.-
‬-Well,‭ ‬actually that is a better word.‭ ‬Uprooted.‭ ‬We are the survivors of the Rebellion.‭ ‬The Transformation of Mars.-
‬-But you are missing the main point of all this.‭ ‬They weren’t just thrown here and were unable to take care of themselves.‭ ‬They aren’t mimicking the customs of the…oppressors.‭ ‬Are they‭?‬-
‬Giuseppe stopped to think of this.‭ ‬He looked at his family.‭ ‬They watched him.‭ ‬Intensely.
‬-No…we aren’t Galileans.‭ ‬Or Mediceans.‭ ‬Or even the Minors.-
‬-No,‭ ‬you aren’t.‭ ‬Because of creative energies‭! ‬I see it here.‭ ‬Imagination.‭ ‬You have created something that is close to reality,‭ ‬close to what works for you.‭ ‬Right now.‭ ‬And let me ask you—does this make you happy‭?‬-
‬-Yes.‭ ‬Being home.‭ ‬Being‭ ‬here.-
‬Giuseppe looked at his family.‭ ‬They smiled at him.
‬-Yes.‭ ‬I am happy here.‭ ‬Very happy.-
Curse‬ smiled.‭ ‬It was crooked,‭ ‬but it broke through her earlier gloom.‭
‬-Good,‭ ‬man.‭ ‬Because what I see here are a people on the path to human happiness.‭ ‬I tried to do that,‭ ‬as refugee.‭ ‬Tried to get people to question the establishment‭…‬.but I never allowed a real dialogue to take place‭…‬.oh by Lucifer descending‭…‬.to begin the world anew.‭ ‬You are the‭ ‬real Americans.-
‬-I beg your pardon,‭ Curse‬.‭ ‬But my people came from Mars…the First Martians.-
‬-Julian Buren the Second was from Atlantaen California.‭ ‬He was the founder of the First Martians.-
‬-Well,‭ ‬people used to think California was part of America‭ ‬once.-
‬Confusion parted the furrow on Giuseppe’s face.
‬-So,‭ ‬Giuseppe,‭ ‬when are you going to tell me what’s going on with the Earth‭?‬-
‬They kept walking.

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