Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Resurrection of Past Technology (architectural layout of Domine)

architectural layout of Domine:
(in space per subversion square)

the Creek of the Spreads
came unattached
true speak, daresay
blazed by easy tumble
into wheres and tearspots
beaches of hard spaces
short walks from
the Golden Shines
cliffed, walled in
vertically, canopy
sun withstood
in the dark cool underbelly
of the Spirit of Fortune

Old Spots
phantom graces
past Graecela and its Sky Paws
the Estate and the Shaa of Leopolz
land of brick and ancient tradition
teutonic in vein
badly so...
the house confederate
and an imprisoning bowel of cowards
the bars and stars
of revolt

the Statuaries of Intrusion
were rivaled early
but there was the Great Indoctrination
ending in the Word Blockade
Enter /follows/

Muskrat Bitch enters confident
in tow
she is neither alone, nor separated
came after her parents second bed words
the sibling
when the Entrance Estate (by text commission)
calls as adored-by-populancs
The General
and he concocts
a beater into the point called Contention Pt. X
no more than a small stream

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