Saturday, March 30, 2013

Redemption of the Monkey Messiah

The story began with a reaffirmation of the Monkey Messiahs life. He gave credit to the deities who haunted over him in all their twisted likenesses to humanity and the innocent offspring who were more human and often the real geniuses. He then showed every branch that was behind every leaf the sun warmed in gratitude.

The Monkey Messiah did this in salute for those who grew with random shoots of experience to form their soul into rooted expressions of wildness, deep into the soft belly of Natures gift:

Free will.

The Monkey Messiah left behind the spirit, became the flesh, and spoke.

“I was not always the primate you see before you. I was more like the lowercased-earth is now and less than human. It took random chance---‘the wolf’---to scare me through the door where I gave all away to fate…”

“Now I can say it was supposed to happen…”

The Monkey Messiah gleamed with religious sarcasm and became an old satyr.

“Let us give thanks to the Octopi Incorporated and their feast-hungry Notable Family puppets, who both rule our world from high Earth orbit. Let us give thanks to the technology they use to imprison the Earth and thresh humanity, without even a thought to the retribution they sow into the Earth, which they lord over with 8Fold eyes...”

“We live in a two moon era. Ceres the Season Bringer is a welcome reminder that their brief interregnum of tyranny is doomed. Humanity cannot step back from the vast changes of the Age of Brigda and because of that we now have a mutant empress who sits in ritual subjugation…”

“Our Empress Kir-sten’ya sits in nothing more than a kitchen chair!”

After much adieu, the Monkey Messiah explained his origins, an earlier life that was vastly different than the one he lived at that Montana instant.

It began in the ‘Reformed United States of America,’ rebuilt on some of the guidelines of the original federal union. This ‘Second Coming’ had been established in a series of fits and starts circa the year 2112 Common Brigda Era. It had been recreated by the Great Amish Awakening following the Failing of Failings---with a major difference. The constitution of the government was not based upon ‘democracy.’ Communism was its raison de’tat, risen like an Athenian phoenix.

Followers of American Revivalism had little respect for this ‘USA,’ and it was sometimes politically referred to as the ‘Union of Soviet-Americas,’ in reference to its Commonrealm time-period origins, and more of a put down than a fitting example of respect.

The Monkey Messiah went on to further explain that his youth had been spent in the Amish homeland of soviet-Ohio, one of the states of the Reformed USA, as a citizen-conscript in the army of a political scion. He was named Robert Paul Luke, the young marshal of a powerful real estate fief embroiled in the struggle between the forces of rural protection and urban encroachment.

Ducal-Sire R.P. Luke’s greatest accomplishment in the Amish homeland of Ohio had been the creation of the Twin Towers, a symbol of the greatness and ingenuity of the rural people in his real estate fief. The Twin Towers had become the seat of the High Estates General, and whoever controlled the floor this real estate feudal council named the intendants of governance for all the estates.

The Monkey Messiah’s memories of Ducal-Sire Robert Paul Luke became more personal here. No one person more embodied the Dark Age of the planet Earth than R.P. Luke and the simple people of soviet-Ohio ‘USA’ had another name for him, which he subsequently accepted and outwardly fancied.

The Cobra Warlord.

“As a conscript in his Army, I saw him transform into what he is known as today: the Cobra Warlord. I can guarantee he is still the destructive, young boy that he was when I lived in his estate. He was cruelly born to be the manifestation of the vengeful spirit in the countryside and its battle with the forces of despoilage became his battle…”
“For all his love of pagani ways of the countryside, the Cobra Warlord manipulated the Classical ways to defend the old ways of the countryside. He idealized himself being clothed in the golden ratios and triangles like he was some great knight in defense of the old pagani ways…”

“But what drove him to become the bloodthirsty warlord he is known as today was his descent into the pageantry of war. This dark valley led him to the resurrection of past technologies of warfare that unwittingly resurrected the evil spirits attached to these totems of war…”

“He became an assemblage demon-child, possessed to suffer unto himself…”

The Monkey Messiah retold his life as a citizen-conscript in the army of Ducal-Sire R.P. Luke. This was a time when R.P. Luke had been ousted from the High Estates General and the Twin Towers by a more powerful real estate fief instrumental in the popularity of American Revivalism and the return of the suburban frontier days of old.

These provost marshals were a brother and sister tandem, from the Estate of Andramadeus and known to the simple people as ‘The Generalissimo,’ and ‘The Muskrat Bitch.’ Their takeover of the High Estates General and ousting of the Cobra Warlord had resulted in their intendant real estate privileges. They lived in the superficial glamour of quasi-Classic America recreated in the Twin Towers, complete with power steering and full reclining seats.  

The Monkey Messiah returned with a voice of urgency to his story.

“On the real estate enemy border, the citizen-conscript garrison I belonged to watched a normal day unfold into bizarre sights…”

“A new world dropped into our laps…”

“We watched in awe as surface-to-air missiles were fired from the feudal mansion of R.P. Luke. It took a minute for the explosions to be heard and it was almost impossible to see the explosions in the sky, due to the miles high elevation that the missiles had flown to hit their target. We strained our eyes to the sky and seconds later saw a parachute. Upon closer observation we saw that there was an escape capsule attached to the end of it. We knew full well what it was…”

“The Cobra Warlord had shot down a spacecraft as it had been trying to illegally land on the Earth…”

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