Friday, March 8, 2013

Resurrection of Past Technology (the rumbles)

as containers unveil
the General played a game
called intrusion
and over-gambled to take the Right of Way
instead the momentum towards Domine came unwound

the scarcity of knowledge
fallen hard fruit
the Muskrat Bitch put right to seizure
land to Entrance Estate
now, here came the statuary of intrusion
and young serpent
warlord gatherment
in a cord of refreshment
armed a pillar-mate
and brewed small-mouth revenge
full front onto Darism
the Village incident reported a restocking clear
back to the proof of general calamity
the Desecrecated
and back, and forth, all day

The Recruitment Files were  part of Grandpass Order,
The Relocation breed new chance
a standing rampage brought scum of the dirt
into the rank of Darist
and the Marine of Days began
marching blanks
firing into the life of adolescents
proceeding vagrants
eager toddlers
part into the way to harm
the voracious camouflaged stepped out of the pages of
and into the balm of fantasy
slickened and varied at violence comes
two armies clashed in mind
in eye
for the Right of Way
thru, the prize of the Creek of the Spreads
fallow fields
overturned stones
put into the slings of wrath
and projectile teachings
aimed deep and straight
for chest full of treasure
and pain

the battle raged as each agreement and setting was
aims set, goals attended to
limited exchanges
each briefing was even more of a respite
from prolonged attachment
but the Cobra Warlord brought new Grecian mindset
into his Darists
close order combat was both an affront, and an
but to have Domine
he would need the General's head on the Barometer of Tidings
and the Muskrat Bitch would finally be princess and future-queen
rather though he chose half-fulfillment, and a grievous need
to put the conspirers close beside his serpent-self
to watch
manipulated vise driven gears

given an entrance Entrance Estate recognition
the Arms of Old Brookville as ensign
called statehood...with price
Protectorate for their folly of shedding
a risen stature for Shaa of Leopolz and
its able administrative body
uplifted into Domine
and a General now ranked beside
thus created major state among the
established greatness
and a Greater Coil, as the young warlord would
call it

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