Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Migration isn't Stealing," short story now on sale in the anthology World of Pirates

Excerpt from "Migration isn't Stealing," now on sale.

"The light comet-frigate Rio Bravo emerged from a subatomic fusion plume and slowed to a sub-light crawl. A distant sun's light reflected off the ship's pitch-black skin, a circle of orange made hazy by suspended fields of dust in the near depth of field. Without warning, the ship receded into the fugue of black stars. Only the irregular shape of whip antennae, sensory spines, and fuel-bulbs interrupted the faraway vistas of galactic clusters. The comet-frigate was a dagger in the side of the stellar darkness, driving deep into fathoms of eternity's night...."

So begins the story of two "space wrecked" star-sailors and their conscription into the Titanium Horde of Kuiper. Taking place generations after a partition of Earth nations to colonize the Solar System, worlds are now on the verge of war. For some the choice of which side to support is the war they don't want to fight. Some want to to be 'left alone....'

World of Pirates, now on sale from Amazon, contains "Migration isn't Stealing," and other tales of piracy in different time periods, and different worlds.

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