Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To Anacreon in Heaven

The autonom neos came quick. He heard the PINGS! against the metal hull of his craft before he even saw the approach trajectories register on the dumb-puter. Magnetic wave signatures. First on the sound-speakers -- PINGS! Then as thick red lines on a blue graph-field of charged photons. It all meant the same thing. Death. Destruction. His body torn to pieces, or thrown from his craft. Explosive decompression inside a torn suit.
Shedron had known of the problems beyond the Moon's orbit. So early in the mission though. The first mission out of Cislunar space would be a thing to remember. Or the last.
He was sure about a few things. Before this flight he located the magnetic mine fields. Hence a plotted-route between the known minefields, safely into the gravity-well of his first destination. Pallas the asteroid.
Yet common knowledge throughout the Imperium spoke of the existence of other powers, shadowy cabals not content to sit and wait for the Earth to obey the Great Partition. Efforts to enforce 'no migration' had seeded the space between the Moon's center of gravity and deep space with autonomous projectiles. Really just refurbished near earth asteroids.
His pre-flight preparations involved some work to locate these infernal devices. He had finally found one. Or rather, the killers had found him....

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