Saturday, May 9, 2015

Smiling Prussian Eyes

The original story line of LotA came from a series of videos made out of cut-n-past collages.

Catal Huyuk Jericiahs stared off into the Waterloo-capital night. Pillars of flame erupted from the one thousand furnaces of the metropolitan war machine called the Lone Star Empire. There were iron shapes in the distance a lit with electric tinsel from bygone eras and remnant empires. A lightning latticework disappeared across the dark barrier that swamped the Texas horizon. Sounds of the fading winds of motors and whirling devices that propelled the engines of American Revival sounded like the last calls of mechanical energy.
Catal Huyuk Jericiahs would have to sneak into this 3001 year-era behemoth.
Understanding why had been a perilous road.
It came down to one reason.
A beautiful girl.
He steeled himself against the electric breeze of the imperial night and remembered the events that were about to make him attempt an act of audacious courage; one of the most daring rescues the lowercased-earth had ever known. Had he known that the curious days he had spent in the Court of the Monkey Messiah would lead him to the fateful introduction to new friends and new adventures, he never would have believed what he was going to do tonight.
It was a call for salvation over injustice.
But following the chaotic days following the Battle of the Sea of Kansas---the First Battle---he had been in the proximity of that most ‘oriental of courts’ that resided in the Palace of Kir-sten’ya and come under the spell of the Empress of the Earth; the young serpent-initiate witch from NewER Orleans named Kirsten Satan Navarre, now given the paganified title-as-sovereign; the Empress Kir-sten’ya.
From the opening salvos of the Battle of the Sea of Kansas and the crowning regency set up in Kir-sten’ya name to walking beneath the artificial-borealis skies overhead the awkward spires of the Palace of Kir-sten’ya, Catal Huyuk had basked in the company of compatriots loyal to the cause of the Empress.
These and many more adventures, earned by the sides of comradeship and new found friendship, had been wrested away and stolen into the Waterloo-capital night, deep into the belly of the 3001 year-era behemoth; the Godstate of Texas and the Lone Star Empire
Why that was to be the fate of so many brave souls, with death being more merciful, was because of the finale of the Second Battle of the Sea of Kansas and the death of some grand illusions. The battle had destroyed the Palace of Kir-sten’ya, the Sea of Kansas and forced Kirsten Satan Navarre to abdicate the throne. The coronation of an Empress Oxiana of the Free-Earth had been one of the failed dreams, as well as the failure of a Great Pilgrimage across the Solar System; dreams crushed beneath the combined weight of the Lone Star Empire and its many allies.
They were nothing compared to the reality confronting Catal Huyuk.
It demanded the undertaking of a bold move to rescue his friends from the infernal prison they were being held in before trial---and expected execution.
That was why Catal Huyuk Jericiahs, clothed in the purple and gold of the warrior order that guarded the Mormon shrines of the Missouri bayous, had to raise his ‘macuahuital’ sword and dagger-gun against the overwhelming odds against him.
Of course rescuing a beautiful girl was the first thing that came to his mind.
But it was not the grey-haired visage of Kirsten Satan Navarre, dark-eyed and snake bite marked, who was on it. The one Catal Huyuk was thinking about was a bronze haired girl with Prussian blue eyes and a voice that exploded like a thousand young suns.
Catal Huyuk was a little surprised at himself; he had trouble reconciling his emotions with the necessary logic to successfully undertake the rescue mission. He could put aside the overwhelming emotions he had for his friends in Texas captivity, stripped of title and dignity by the victorious Lord Justinian Thorogood and his Futurien technocentrist-backers.
The emotion he was feeling now was not as controllable.
Catal Huyuk also knew he wanted to save his friends from their follies, a folly he was equally a part of, and was gripped with thoughts of revenge for the humiliations that his friends had received and were soon to receive sevenfold. He knew that the situation was still salvageable; he knew where the hidden space-rocket was that could begin the Pilgrimage of the Solar System. He still believed with all his heart that the life of Kirsten Satan Navarre was of the greatest importance to the human race.
But there was another emotion he was feeling and it demanded immediate attention.
Catal Huyuk Jericiahs set down his ‘macuahuital’ sword and dagger-gun. His two large hands supported the weight of his mind, burdened now with rescuing his friends from the Trial of Kirsten Satan Navarre. He was burdened even further with his emotions for a Neo-Cola Classicist warrior-princess, among those in captivity deep within the belly of the 3001 year-era behemoth.
It began with a bronze haired girl, a fiery voice and a raking wit. He remembered a day long ago in another time with another dilemma to be confronted
“You think I’m some crazy girl, don’t you Catal? You think I'm just another long arm-haired pagani from the Ozarks. Well, believe it or not I’m not drunk right now and I’m not going to crash my car. Look at my face, is it red at all?…” “
“I’m going to race El Pepsi! to the grave and save our Empress!…”
Her Prussian blue eyes went wide and became portals into a wild, reckoning intelligence. She was indeed from the Ozarks of Missouri but those names were lost to the successors called WilliamRobertsPlace and the conquered city-state of Cahokia.
She had leaned against her antiquated Trans-Am Firebird, dressed in the crimson-and-silver bodyarmor that belonged to the Neo-Cola Classicist racecar drivers of the Noble Family Games. Her bronze hair was pinned back behind her head and she cradled her racing helmet in one arm.
She glinted and glowed like the stars.
Her and Catal Huyuk had stood together in car hangers full of more racing cars from Classic America, all of them ready to begin one of the most important Challenge and Championships in Noble Family Games history; at stake was the life of the Empress Kir-sten’ya.
The day had been busy with Neo-Cola Classicist auto-squires and attendants rushing around with vapor-ethanium fuel hoses and squirrelly machines busy attaching weapon pods and armor on the elite teams of the Neo-Cola Classicists. It had been impossible for Catal Huyuk to think and almost as impossible for him to talk but his heart had persevered over a mind overcome with distractions.
On this day of soon-to-be infamy one more disturbance in her wild mind was something that he could not bear to give her. He had decided he would tell her something that would strike a chord of her ringing reflection.
It would be beautiful.
Catal Huyuk had wanted to honor her heart, the least expected reward he had received while in the company and service of the Empress Kir-sten’ya.
Her heart was peculiar because it worshiped the fantastical.
Something he adored.
He leaned close and said:
“One crazy girl made an emperor put another moon in our sky…”
Catal Huyuk had referred to the story of courtship that had crowned Kirsten Satan Navarre as the titular head of Empress of the Earth by the erotic visions of the late-Emperor of the Earth. It was the story of the present 3001 year-era. The lowercased-earth and it’s two moons; Luna and Ceres.
“You are something that crosses the heavens ever so rarely and reminds us that the heavens are not permanent. Your light dashes as you reach your closest point and takes several seconds to reach my eyes. I look upon you with awe and fear, with superstitious thoughts running through my mind. What age will you usher in?…”
“Goodluck dearest Hessia. Race well. Save our Empress. Only you can…”
He leaned closer and kissed one of her cheeks.
The red one.
She had jolted upright from his kiss. In one instant she motioned her whole body towards the car’s doorway until a shudder of hesitancy went through her. She slowly turned back around to face Catal Huyuk.
Hessia de la Transoxnia, 18 year old princess of princess, descendant of the mythical nation of Oxiana and one of the young captains of the Neo-Cola Classicist Guards of the Empress Kir-sten’ya stoop resplendent in her crimson-and-silver racing bodyarmor. Her pinned-back bronze hair and smiling Prussian eyes stood before the adoring gaze of Catal Huyuk Jericiahs and not a trace of emotion crossed her face. Then for one second she smiled---the same smile that burned like a thousand suns in the elliptic of the day sky. It touched Catal Huyuk like it always had before.
And then it was gone.
The memory of that day left the thought of Catal Huyuk but it did not leave his heart. Present reality returned and it was a reality of a Waterloo-capital burning electric with tinsel. The infernal sight could not burn away what he had to do, for his friends…and for Hessia de la Transoxnia. If rumors were true, Hessia was to be sent to Mars, ruled by the spiritual overlords of the Solar System, the Reformed Gnostics of Ares.
His mighty black hands grabbed his ‘macuahuital’ sword and dagger-gun and swiftly jumped to his feet. He began the long journey that would take him through the hidden corridors of the Waterloo-capital of the Lone Star Empire until he would reach the courthouse where the Trial of Kirsten Satan Navarre would be held.

He thought about a beautiful girl the entire way.

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